Effective marketing begins with insightful strategy, meaningful product or service differentiation, and a well-executed plan.  Be bold.  Stand out from the crowd.  We’ll help you do that with confidence.

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Inbound Marketing

Our firm delivers full inbound marketing capabilities based on a best-in-class software platform.  Inbound marketing is fueled by content that grows and appreciates over time.  We can deliver a measurable and sustainable ROI through a strategy focused on the long-term.  Our clients’ goals become our goals.  Fees are typically standard with a retainer  over several months.

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Outsourced Marketing Management

BrandON! acts as your marketing team, or in conjunction with your existing marketing staff, to manage all aspects of your marketing strategy – both traditional and inbound.  Clients gain part time marketing experts without the expense of a full time staff member.  Fees are driven by the client’s budget and based on our time commitment and reimbursable expenses (if any).

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More about us

Who we are

BrandON! is a small firm, founded by a corporate refugee and son of a small-town hardware store.  As a firm, we are strategic rather than tactical.  Fun, not stuffy.  We’re more brutally honest than delicate.  We have MBAs and grads from the school-of-hard-knocks.  Most of all, we’re crazily in the love with the challenge of helping those who invite us onto their team as marketing gurus.  Give us a chance.  We bet you like us.  ;-)

What we do

Inbound marketing…in a word (or two).  We use the latest marketing technology to generate leads and new business for our clients.  We’re good at it.

Why we do it

We love it!  We admit that we’re marketing techie geeks and we wear that badge with pride.  Give us a day digging in Excel pivot-tables, plotting out a campaign, and marshaling our marketing and technology resources and you too will see that glimmer of passion in our eyes.

Where we do it

Atlanta…mostly.  Although we do have WONDERFUL clients as far away as the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Alberta, Canada.  With the “interwebs”, we can work with clients located any where in the world…with a decent internet connection.

You may notice an Asheville, NC phone number in our contact information.  We will be opening an office in Asheville in the coming months.

Our Capabilities

Strategy nuclear!
Analysis data geeks
Inbound Marketing silver partner | HubSpot
Marketing Automation we get it
Project Management on time. done right.
Traditional Marketing yep, that too

What Our Clients Say

  • "Carole always gets to the heart of any problem and starts generating possible solutions, whether that means improving efficiencies in the business or bringing more value to her clients. I worked with her as a manager and colleague and always went to her when I needed an accurate and honest assessment of a situation; Carole is 100% BS free: I don't know anybody more trusted by their colleagues or clients."
    Inertia Beverage Group (Ecommerce SaaS)
  • “I cannot say enough about Ritch's professionalism! He is an experienced marketing expert and is always looking for ways to 'hit one over the fence'. His demeanor and down to earth personality give him the ability to communicate on any level. He is an asset to any organization that is looking for innovation, fresh ideas, creative design and an all-around executive.” 
    Tammy Pope, V.P, Operations, Life Careers, LLC
  • "Ritch led a diverse team of marketing and sales strategists challenged to support very multifaceted internal and external clients in the hospital, health system and long term care markets. His ability to mentor teammates and inspire creative thinking translated into success in many ways. Ritch embodies a unique marketing mindset coupled with a business acumen that never fails to deliver one-of-a-kind output. Working along side Ritch was learning experience and pleasure that I still call upon in my current role.”
    Paul Mattioli, Sr. Director of Sales at HealthLeaders Media, A Division of HCPro, Inc.
  • “Ritch has a keen understanding of business. His multifaceted experience allows him to bring strategic, financial and operational perspectives to any business opportunity or challenge which makes him invaluable as a marketing leader.”
    Jim DeVos, Vice President Marketing + Strategy
  • “Ritch is knowledgable and flexible. He is adept at working with organizations at any scale. He is a dynamic and responsive individual, and enjoyable to work with.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
    Roy Hinshaw, Marketing Director at Elizabeth Caughey, DDS PC
  • "I have known Ritch Brandon for more than 14 years, since the days we worked together at Morrison. During that time, I have been incredibly impressed with his insight, abiliity to solve problems and exceptional interpersonal skills. Currently, he is providing marketing technology and project management consulting services to my boutique PR firm and I'm thrilled with the measurable results. Intellectually curious, he will always find a solution and make a complicated situation easy.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
    Shira Miller, CEO, Shira Miller Communications