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The marketing strategy process starts by defining your end goal…your target.  That target is best described as your firm’s mission, vision, and values.  By taking the time to clearly articulate your goal, we will be able to map out a path to get you there.

The Strategy Map is a tool we use to outline the steps we will be taking to achieve your vision.  The Map is tied to your Balanced Scorecard™, which is a tool developed by Dr. Robert Kaplan and David Norton of Harvard University.  The BSC approaches strategy by balancing four perspectives:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Process
  • Learning and Growth

“You can and should shape your own future;
because if you don’t someone else surely will.”

- Joel Arthur Barker

Mission, vision and values drive strategy… which, in turn, drives positioning and operational execution.  As painful as it may seem, you really do have to go through this process to develop an effective marketing strategy.

We’ll help.


If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to get there.

Let's get strategic!

Strategy Focused Organization

In a Strategy Focused Organization..

  • Objectives articulate the strategy
  • Measures and targets track progress towards achieving the strategy
  • Initiatives close the gap between current and desired performance
  • Performance is linked to objectives and initiatives
  • Objectives, measures, targets and initiatives work together to achieve the strategic vision

Nope?  Not where you are?  You can be!  In a year you’ll look back and, like one client shared, see this as “a seminal moment in the history of our (your!) organization.”

Strategy Map

Your Strategy Map will:

  • balance competing forces on your business
  • be based on a differentiated customer value prop
  • outline how value is created by your processes
  • consist of simultaneous, complementary themes
  • demonstrate how your strategic alignment creates value to your business


Balanced Score Card

First introduced in the early 1990s by two Harvard Business School professors, the BSC has become the most widely adopted performance management framework in business.  It’s a highly effective guide for executing your strategy…and we’ve implemented it at companies with as few as a couple dozen employees to multiple billion-dollar+ national and international organizations.

We can help you get a firm grasp of the concepts of the Balanced Scorecard and implement it to drive REAL results in your firm. Our founder, Ritch Brandon, is a strategy planning ninja. Believe us…he’d LOVE to get your top managers in a room and torture them…ugh, “guide them” through the process.


Metrics are the canary in the mine for the health of your company.  It will take some discipline to implement throughout your entire organization, but the old saying “what gets measured, gets done” is on full display here.  The metrics chosen to be measured are critically important.  Choosing the wrong indicators may drive unintended, unwanted behavior.  Setting appropriate goals is also critical.  It’s always helpful to get an un-biased, outside perspective when you’re developing the measurement system for your strategic plan.  Hint.  Hint.

Four Perspectives

Your Balanced Scorecard and strategy must incorporate and balance four perspectives:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Process
  • Learning and Growth

Focusing exclusively on the bottom line is short-sighted, but not focusing enough on the financials will send you to bankruptcy court.  The perspective of the customer is critical to your success in both the short and long-term.  Your internal processes are what differentiate you from every other firm providing your services.  Don’t underestimate their importance!  And learning and growth is the way you “sharpen your company’s saw”.

Communication and Accountability

None of this hard work is worth a hill of beans if your strategic plan is not communicated and understood throughout the organization and if everyone is not held accountable to the plan.  This is the real work.  Otherwise it’s all just talk.

As part of our strategy engagement, we will return quarterly to hold your feet to the fire and make sure the organization is fully adopting the process.  After a year, we’ll set you free.  By then, you’ll have seen such amazing results you’ll maniacally adhere to your strategic planning process.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Ritch provided excellent services to Life Careers. He's a terrific listener and can relate with anyone.  I enjoyed working with Ritch.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity  
    Leo Maxson, President and CEO, Life Careers, LLC
  • "Ritch led a diverse team of marketing and sales strategists challenged to support very multifaceted internal and external clients in the hospital, health system and long term care markets. His ability to mentor teammates and inspire creative thinking translated into success in many ways. Ritch embodies a unique marketing mindset coupled with a business acumen that never fails to deliver one-of-a-kind output. Working along side Ritch was learning experience and pleasure that I still call upon in my current role.”
    Paul Mattioli, Sr. Director of Sales at HealthLeaders Media, A Division of HCPro, Inc.
  • "Ritch is passionate about everything he does and very collaborative in his style. Our successes together were always the best of all contributors. His style is always an asset to any organization."  
    Andrea Seidl, Senior Vice President, Morrison Management Specialists
  • “I have found Ritch Brandon to be a consummate professional with a truly caring nature. Mr. Brandon's detailed knowledge of marketing and sales techniques, partnered with his creative ideas, made for a great option for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Brandon to anyone seeking a marketing professional.”  Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.
    Robert Gantt, General Manager, TownePlace Suites by Marriott
  • “Ritch has a keen understanding of business. His multifaceted experience allows him to bring strategic, financial and operational perspectives to any business opportunity or challenge which makes him invaluable as a marketing leader.”
    Jim DeVos, Vice President Marketing + Strategy
  • “I cannot say enough about Ritch's professionalism! He is an experienced marketing expert and is always looking for ways to 'hit one over the fence'. His demeanor and down to earth personality give him the ability to communicate on any level. He is an asset to any organization that is looking for innovation, fresh ideas, creative design and an all-around executive.” 
    Tammy Pope, V.P, Operations, Life Careers, LLC