ex·pert adj ˈek-ˌspərt, ik-ˈ : having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience

All things “social media” are HOT right now.  Beware of the fact that anyone with a Twitter and Facebook account may consider themselves social media “experts.”  The truth is, the field of social media marketing is still relatively new and constantly in motion.  Platforms that have never been heard of sometime seem to “come from no where” to change the social landscape all over again.  Don’t let that scare you…it’s the new reality and we can help.

As an indication of our knowledge and experience in social media…


By comparison:

  • @JWT_Worldwide, J Walter Thompson’s Twitter account, has ~15,000 followers with fewer than 700 tweets from the account.
  • @BBDOWorldwide has posted fewer than 300 tweets to its 26k followers.   This is a worldwide company.
  • @SocialOgilvy has less than 2,000 followers and fewer than 300 tweets.

These agencies have big names…but they are decidedly behind the times when it comes to social.  They all earned their money through “traditional”/old school marketing.  Social scares the crap out of them…for good reason.

Want to know more?  We can provide…

  • Introduction to concepts, platforms, and tools
  • Audit of existing presence
  • Establishment of new presence
  • An integrated marketing plan that includes social media
  • On-going guidance and coaching
  • White label “plug-in” social media resources for other marketing and public relations firms

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