Outsourced Marketing Management

Have expert marketing team. Will travel.

Expert Analysis

Bring to bear analytical prowess from Excel and PivotTable gurus that delight in tearing down the numbers and figuring out what is going on.

Available On Site Support

For some clients, having a dedicated marketing expert on-site makes the most sense.  Our team has email accounts, cubicles and phone numbers all over town.

Best and Brightest

Access our best and brightest to build your business. Why hire a part-time, entry-level person when you can engage top marketing talent for the same expense?

Holistic Approach

Our principals’ backgrounds in operations, start-ups, corporate management, finance, and strategy mean our marketing solutions deliver results in the real world.

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Seamless. Efficient. Effective. Our team integrates with yours.

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Our Capabilities

Strategy nuclear!
Analysis data geeks
Inbound Marketing silver partner | HubSpot
Marketing Automation we get it
Project Management on time. done right.
Traditional Marketing yep, that too


Marketing Leadership

No one in your marketing “department”?  Now there is.  We’ve got the ball on all things marketing, whether inbound or traditional.

Already have a marketing coordinator or full fledged team?  That works too.  We can either “run” the marketing function as your new functional leadership (we’ve even had clients have employees report to one of our team members on their org chart) or we can support the existing team as an additional resource.

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Daily Management

Your account executive at BrandON! will be the person you send people to on a day-to-day basis to deal with all things marketing.  Vendor contacting you about a possible new service or marketing product?  Send them to us!  Does operations need a new manual printed?  We can handle the design and technical details.  We’re here to be part of your team.

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Have you completed an in-depth review of your revenue and profitability by product-line and customer?  Do you know where your new business really originates?  Can you honestly say that you truly know what your competition is doing?  Have you done the needed keyword research to determine the focus of your content?  We’ve got it.  We’re data geeks…we actually LOVE this stuff.


Now that you have the data…what is it telling you to do?  We have worked with multi-billion dollar companies to determine their strategy in everything from acquisitions to nuclear fuel manufacturing.  No kidding.  We’ve also developed full business case analyses for clients looking to buy a three-location retail operation that included demographics, competition, growth modeling, and cash flow and profitability analysis.  Doesn’t sound like marketing?  To a holistic marketer, all of this data and understanding is the underpinning of our success.

IT & Sales Integration

Marketing, and more specifically inbound marketing, requires efficient integration with your IT team and suppliers as well as your sales staff.  Everyone needs to know what’s going on. Systems need to talk to each other. Staff needs to be trained on the new tools.

When possible, we will spend time on-site getting to know your staff so we can call “the IT lady” directly when we need something. And our systems completely integrate with industry-standards like Salesforce.com.

Ready Day One

Our years of experience and technical expertise means we’re ready to go on day one.  No “getting up to speed” necessary.  We’ve been there and done that…or we’ve done something really similar and can figure it out really quickly.  Hiring a seasoned expert to step in is the fastest way to get results for your business.

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Ritch led a diverse team of marketing and sales strategists challenged to support very multifaceted internal and external clients in the hospital, health system and long term care markets. His ability to mentor teammates and inspire creative thinking translated into success in many ways. Ritch embodies a unique marketing mindset coupled with a business acumen that never fails to deliver one-of-a-kind output. Working along side Ritch was learning experience and pleasure that I still call upon in my current role.”
    Paul Mattioli, Sr. Director of Sales at HealthLeaders Media, A Division of HCPro, Inc.
  • "Carole always gets to the heart of any problem and starts generating possible solutions, whether that means improving efficiencies in the business or bringing more value to her clients. I worked with her as a manager and colleague and always went to her when I needed an accurate and honest assessment of a situation; Carole is 100% BS free: I don't know anybody more trusted by their colleagues or clients."
    Inertia Beverage Group (Ecommerce SaaS)
  • “Ritch is knowledgable and flexible. He is adept at working with organizations at any scale. He is a dynamic and responsive individual, and enjoyable to work with.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
    Roy Hinshaw, Marketing Director at Elizabeth Caughey, DDS PC
  • "I have known Ritch Brandon for more than 14 years, since the days we worked together at Morrison. During that time, I have been incredibly impressed with his insight, abiliity to solve problems and exceptional interpersonal skills. Currently, he is providing marketing technology and project management consulting services to my boutique PR firm and I'm thrilled with the measurable results. Intellectually curious, he will always find a solution and make a complicated situation easy.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
    Shira Miller, CEO, Shira Miller Communications
  • “Ritch has a keen understanding of business. His multifaceted experience allows him to bring strategic, financial and operational perspectives to any business opportunity or challenge which makes him invaluable as a marketing leader.”
    Jim DeVos, Vice President Marketing + Strategy
  • "Ritch did an outstanding job [for] Morrison. Not only is he very bright, he has great people skills. I would not hesitate to hire Ritch again and highly recommend him."
    Glenn Davenport, President and CEO, Morrison Management Specialists