Marketing is About Promises

Marketing, whether traditional or inbound, is about making and keeping promises.  There’s not much point in spending tons of money on an elaborate marketing effort only to undermine that message as soon as one of your customers actually interacts with your firm.

Marketing Triangle

Ford spent 17 years in the 1980s and 90s insisting that “Quality is Job 1″.  But then we bought their cars and began to think that if quality is most important…the engineering and design must really suck.  A more appropriate strategy would to have actually made quality the primary concern and THEN communicate that when it matched reality.  Ironically, since dropping the slogan in 1998, Ford has made huge strides in the quality of its vehicles.

Are you kidding yourself with your current marketing message?  If you’re being truly honest with yourself, how are you different from all of the other competitors that are vying for business with your prospects?



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