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Why choose us?

We’re not a typical marketing agency.  We don’t spend a lot of money on an amazingly cool loft office.  We think we should be as close to the action…often meaning in your office.  We don’t do project-based creative work to supplement our income (and clog our capacity).  We don’t believe we need to impress you with how slick we are and what cars we drive.  We believe your primary concern is growing YOUR business.  Who cares about ours?  We want to be an honest-to-goodness team member that lives and dies by the end results we all produce together – your revenues and profitability.

We believe ourselves to be very self aware. Each person on our team has strengths and weaknesses…as does the firm as a whole.  Knowing those strengths and weaknesses allows us to provide better service by only accepting the right clients and tackling the right situation with the right people at the helm.

When the cavalry is needed, we’re going to call it in.  You’ll have the cell phone numbers of everyone on our team, but your account executive is going to prove that you won’t need but one.

Focusing on inbound marketing allows us to be damn good at it.  We do what we’re best at in-house and then work with experts in complementary disciplines to handle the rest.  That gives us incredible flexibility and control…and lets us punch in a much higher weight class than we actually occupy.

Our team has real-world, corporate and small business experience.  We have degrees and continuing education from some of the top universities in the country.  We KNOW marketing, how it impacts operations, how to integrate it with sales and how it must be driven by strategy while showing an ROI.

Our founder credits stints working as a corporate banker and reporting to a corporate CFO early in his career with his keen focus on showing bottom-line results.  We won’t do anything just because it’s pretty.  It’s gotta perform.  We want to see the numbers.  Typically our clients do too.

More about us

Who we are

BrandON! marketing.technology is a small firm, founded by a corporate refugee and son of a small-town hardware store.  As a firm, we are strategic rather than tactical.  Fun, not stuffy.  We’re more brutally honest than delicate.  We have MBAs and grads from the school-of-hard-knocks.  Most of all, we’re crazily in the love with the challenge of helping those who invite us onto their team as marketing gurus.  Give us a chance.  We bet you like us.  ;-)

What we do

Inbound marketing…in a word (or two).  We use the latest marketing technology to generate leads and new business for our clients.  We’re good at it.

Why we do it

We love it!  We admit that we’re marketing techie geeks and we wear that badge with pride.  Give us a day digging in Excel pivot-tables, plotting out a campaign, and marshaling our marketing and technology resources and you too will see that glimmer of passion in our eyes.

Where we do it

Atlanta…mostly.  Although we do have WONDERFUL clients as far away as the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Alberta, Canada.  With the interwebs, we can work with clients located any where in the world…with a decent internet connection.

Our Capabilities

Strategy nuclear!
Analysis data geeks
Inbound Marketing silver partner | HubSpot
Marketing Automation we get it
Project Management on time. done right.
Traditional Marketing yep, that too


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Ritch taught me so much about marketing, and provided some of the more creative ideas for development of my area. He inspired an interest in marketing in me (a dietitian) that continues today.”  
    Kathy McClusky, Consultant
  • "Ritch did an outstanding job [for] Morrison. Not only is he very bright, he has great people skills. I would not hesitate to hire Ritch again and highly recommend him."
    Glenn Davenport, President and CEO, Morrison Management Specialists
  • "Ritch is passionate about everything he does and very collaborative in his style. Our successes together were always the best of all contributors. His style is always an asset to any organization."  
    Andrea Seidl, Senior Vice President, Morrison Management Specialists
  • "Carole always gets to the heart of any problem and starts generating possible solutions, whether that means improving efficiencies in the business or bringing more value to her clients. I worked with her as a manager and colleague and always went to her when I needed an accurate and honest assessment of a situation; Carole is 100% BS free: I don't know anybody more trusted by their colleagues or clients."
    Inertia Beverage Group (Ecommerce SaaS)
  • “I have found Ritch Brandon to be a consummate professional with a truly caring nature. Mr. Brandon's detailed knowledge of marketing and sales techniques, partnered with his creative ideas, made for a great option for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Brandon to anyone seeking a marketing professional.”  Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.
    Robert Gantt, General Manager, TownePlace Suites by Marriott
  • "Ritch led a diverse team of marketing and sales strategists challenged to support very multifaceted internal and external clients in the hospital, health system and long term care markets. His ability to mentor teammates and inspire creative thinking translated into success in many ways. Ritch embodies a unique marketing mindset coupled with a business acumen that never fails to deliver one-of-a-kind output. Working along side Ritch was learning experience and pleasure that I still call upon in my current role.”
    Paul Mattioli, Sr. Director of Sales at HealthLeaders Media, A Division of HCPro, Inc.